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ReRank: AI, Bulk SEO Optimizer | Broken links

Using the Broken links scan functionality, you can scan your store for broken links that negatively affect your website by connecting to Google Search Console and removing the broken links.

The app checks your store for broken links and registers them automatically when the app embed extension is enabled. If the functionality is disabled, you can easily enable it following the instructions:
A banner showing that the app is not enabled will be displayed.
Click the Instructions button.
Click the Open theme settings button to quickly open the Customizer.
The app embed extension is automatically enabled and all you need to do is just click the Save button.
The Broken links functionality is enabled and if there is a broken link(s), it will be displayed as a result(s) in the table. Using the Fix now button, you can convert the broken link(s) to redirect to a selected page. Also, if the Broken links functionality is activated in the Autopilot tab content, all newfound broken links will be automatically fixed and you don't need to fix them manually.

Updated on: 27/06/2023

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