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ReRank: AI, Bulk SEO Optimizer | Dashboard

The Dashboard tab contains information about your SEO score, total SEO fixes, and estimated savings.

Your SEO score
We calculate your SEO score considering your store’s optimized pages, products, and images. Your SEO score could range from F (the lowest one) to A (the highest one). The SEO Score Report shows the current scoring of all your items. If the color is not the desired green, you can easily fix this by updating the required section.

Total Seo Fixes
We calculate your total SEO fixes according to the updates you made and display them as a total number.

Estimated savings
We calculate your estimated savings considering the optimization of your store. Thanks to the formula, you can rely on the calculation and save money.

Quick access to the app’s functionalities
The Dashboard tab contains buttons for quick access to the app’s functionalities as follows:
Autopilot - leads to the Autopilot tab where you can set automatic updates for the meta titles and meta descriptions of your store's Homepage products, collections, blogs, blog posts, and pages, and also, enable the functionality of Broken links.
Update your SEO Title & Description - leads to the Meta SEO Optimizer where you can quickly update the meta title and description of your store’s Homepage, products, collections, blogs, blog posts, and pages.
Describe Images with Alt text - leads to the Images SEO Optimizer tab to update the Image alt text.
Remove Duplicate Content - redirects to the Duplicate Content tab where you can easily check if your website contains duplicate content and quickly fix the duplicated pages.
Fix Broken links - leads to the Broken Links tab content, and you can check your store for broken links.
Structure Data - redirects to the JSON-LD tab content, where you can quickly check if the website has JSON-LD schema installed and enable/disable JSON-LD on your store.

Updated on: 27/06/2023

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