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If you use the Autopilot feature, you don't have to worry about SEO at all. You don't have to manually complete SEO optimization tasks (such as optimizing your meta tags and image Alt tags, or fixing broken links). As an added benefit, you will save a ton of time, effort, and money.

SEO tasks that can be completed on Autopilot:

Meta title optimization
Meta description optimization
Image ALT tags optimization
Broken link fixes

Let's have a closer look at each of the Autopilot features!

Meta Title & Meta Description Optimizer
The Autopilot updates the meta titles and meta descriptions of your products, collections, blogs, and blog posts. Once you enable the Meta Title Optimizer and the Meta Description Optimizer sections, you can choose from two options for your products, collections, blogs, blog posts, and pages:

Let the app decide (which will use the default update pattern, displayed below the field)
Create your own template (which allows you to create your own custom pattern or write/add text if you’d like)

You can add automated fields to your meta titles or descriptions. There is a list of all available terms (which are replaced with their actual value when updating your products, collections, blogs, blog posts, and pages). Just click on a term(s) and it will be automatically added to the selected field. For example, "product_title" will not be displayed as "product_title" in your product meta fields, but will be replaced with the actual product title of your product.

You can turn the Autopilot on for meta titles, meta descriptions, or both. Note that by turning the Autopilot on only for meta titles, for example, the meta titles of all your products, collections, blogs, blog posts, and pages will be automatically updated according to each selected option. The same applies to meta descriptions as well. We recommend you turn on your Autopilot for both fields - meta titles and meta descriptions.

For convenience, the Google Search Sample Preview is also available, and will display a random item of yours, according to the selected subtab - Products, Collections, Blogs, Blog posts, and Pages. You can rely on it to see how the selected option (Let the app decide or Create your own template) will be displayed when saved, according to the selected term(s) or a combination of term(s) and general text.

Image SEO Optimizer
By turning on Image SEO Optimizer, you can automatically update your product images' ALT texts.

Similar to the Autopilot meta title and meta description optimization feature, you can use the automatic template or create your own custom pattern. The available options are:

Let the app decide (which will use the default update pattern, displayed below the field)
Create your own template (which allows you to create your own custom pattern or write/add text if you’d like)

An important note here is that if the Autopilot is enabled, manual updates cannot be completed - this applies to all enabled sections. To enable manual updates, you must first disable the Autopilot. Keep in mind that disabling the Autopilot could result in a delay of the job.

Broken Links
When enabled, the Broken Links feature automatically fixes the broken links on your store, right after they are discovered. When this feature is turned ON from a previously OFF state, the Autopilot also fixes all the previously found, but not yet fixed broken links.

The app checks your store for broken links and registers them automatically when the app embed extension is enabled. If the functionality is disabled, you can easily enable it following the instructions:
A banner showing that the app is not enabled will be displayed.
Click the Instructions button.
Click the Open theme settings button to quickly open the Customizer.
The app embed extension is automatically enabled and all you need to do is just click the Save button.
The Broken links functionality is enabled and if there is a broken link(s), it will be displayed as a result(s) in the table in the Broken links tab content. And if the Broken links functionality is activated in the Autopilot tab content, all newfound broken links will be automatically fixed and you don't need to fix them manually.

Once you save the Autopilot settings, the Autopilot Pending Savings banner will be displayed. The banner displays when your next Autopilot updates are scheduled. It also calculates the estimated savings, saved hours, and total number of fixes. This depends on the number of items available in the enabled sections. More detailed information about the estimated savings, saved hours, and total number of fixes can be viewed on each enabled tab/subtab.

When you enable the Autopilot, it will run all the enabled tasks at the same hour on the next day for the first time, and on that day every week until you disable it or change the selected option or pattern.

If you have further questions, please, contact our support team.

Updated on: 27/06/2023

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