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ReRank: AI, Bulk SEO Optimizer | Duplicate content

Using the remove Duplicate content functionality, you can scan your store for duplicate content that negatively affects your website and remove it.

Just click the Check Now button > if there is duplicate content related to meta titles and meta descriptions, it will be displayed as a result(s) in the table. The option to fix duplicate content issues is available > just click the Fix this button. The Fix Duplicate Content modal will show you the selected item. You can easily edit the meta title and meta description. The Google preview will show you how they will be displayed. The item's current score and character count for each field are also available, so you can easily follow the four criteria based on best practices for meta titles and meta descriptions.

Once the item's meta title and meta description are unique, the item will no longer appear as a result.

Updated on: 27/06/2023

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