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Post-Purchase Funnels: Surveys

The Add a Survey Step feature is an essential tool for building an effective sales funnel for your online business. This user-friendly modal empowers you to collect vital customer insights by integrating a survey directly into your sales funnel.

Tailored Questions for Precise Insights

Our survey function offers a variety of question types including single-choice, multiple-choice, open-ended, and a hybrid format. This flexibility allows you to curate unique questions and corresponding responses perfectly aligned with your specific business needs, enabling you to capture the precise information you require.

Check the Preview section for a live demonstration of your survey alterations. This feature provides instant visual confirmation of your survey design, ensuring accuracy and eliminating errors.

Dive Into the 'Add a Survey Step' Modal

The Select Template Survey section offers a selection of pre-designed templates, available to integrate directly into your funnel or modify to your preference.

In the Type of Question section, you'll find an array of question and response formats:

Single: Customers select one answer.
Multiple: Customers select multiple answers.
Open-ended: Customers provide an answer in their own words.
Other: A mix of Single and Open-ended questions, allowing customers to choose one option or provide a custom answer.

Following your question format selection, enter your question and potential answers in the Question's Title section. Remember, you can incorporate up to five questions in each funnel.

Customize the order of your Product and Survey steps by simply dragging and dropping the selected step. The chosen sequence will be reflected on the Post-purchase page, provided the funnel conditions are met.

Every step provides insightful data such as the number of responses, impressions of the Product and Survey steps, and frequency of product purchases from the Product step. View a snapshot of survey results in the View Survey Results modal by clicking the eye icon of the Survey step.

For in-depth analysis, download your survey data in CSV format. Use this data to inform your business decisions and continually refine your offers based on real customer feedback. Any changes to your survey will be reflected in the CSV file upon the next download.

Our Most Recent Survey Enhancements:

Survey Representation in Graph View: Merchants can now observe the survey step visually in the graph view. This provides a clear overview of the survey placement within the sales funnel.
The Statistics section accurately presents the question title, number of impressions, and quantity of answers for each survey question, corresponding to the selected time period. This functionality mirrors the behavior for upsell products. When the entire funnel duration is selected, there should be no discrepancies in the question title, impressions, or answer count.
When a question is edited, the updated version is promptly reflected in the Statistics section.
Upon deleting a question, the respective Survey step disappears from the Statistics section.
Any new question added to the funnel appears correctly in the Statistics section, following the order designated in the Steps of the Funnel section.
When a funnel is constructed with the Product step as the first step and the Survey step as the second, the Statistics section correctly mirrors the set order, along with displaying impressions, revenue, and conversions according to the selected period for both products and survey.
The Statistics section correctly represents the funnel order when the Survey step is placed first, followed by the Product step, along with the corresponding impressions, revenue, and conversions for the selected period.
In a funnel with a Product step and multiple surveys, the Steps of the Funnel sequence is accurately reflected in the Statistics section, complete with impressions, revenue, and conversions for the chosen period.
If only the Product step is included in the funnel, the Statistics section showcases only the selected products, along with impressions, revenue, and conversions for the chosen period.
When only the Survey step(s) are added to the funnel, the Statistics section displays the surveys along with impressions and answer counts for the selected period.
Question Deletion and Limit: Merchants have been granted the ability to delete questions from the funnel. The following changes are pertinent to this feature:
When a question is included in the funnel, it's appropriately presented on the Post-purchase page, following the funnel's conditions upon load.
Merchants can incorporate up to 5 questions within a single funnel.
When less than 5 questions are added, the 'Add a Question' button remains active.
When the question count reaches the maximum limit of 5, the 'Add a Question' button becomes inactive.
If a question is removed when 5 are present, the 'Add a Question' button is reactivated, allowing the merchant to add another question.
When a question is deleted, it is promptly removed from the Steps of the Funnel list and will no longer appear on the Post-purchase page as per the funnel conditions.
Upon the deletion of a question, its results are also removed from the downloadable CSV file.
Funnel Display Control: The section previously titled "Ask a Client Multiple Times" has been renamed to "Show this Funnel to Clients Only Once". This adjustment enhances the understanding of the feature:
The default state for this option is OFF.
When the state is OFF, the funnel continuously appears on the Post-purchase page whenever accessed.
Turning the state ON restricts the funnel to be displayed only once to each client, according to the client's email.

Updated on: 05/12/2023

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