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Fuze Post Purchase Upsell | Onboarding - Step 1 - Introduction and Activating the Post-purchase Page Functionality

Step 1 of the onboarding process is all about setting up your first post-purchase upsell funnel. This funnel will be displayed on the post-purchase upsell page after a customer completes an order and enters their payment details.

This functionality helps you provide a better shopping experience and significantly boosts your customers’ AOV (Average Order Value) and CLV (Customer Lifetime Value).

Additionally, you can offer a discount on the featured upsell products, further incentivizing shoppers to place an order and adding even more value to the experience.

To leverage all this, you must first enable Fuze for the post-purchase page.

How to enable Fuze for the post-purchase page?

To enable Fuze for the post-purchase page, you need to select the app in the Shopify Settings. Here's how:

Click the Instructions button to access the modal with an overview of the necessary actions.
Open the Checkout settings by following the link provided.
Once the Checkout and accounts page loads in a separate browser tab, navigate to the post-purchase page section.
Select the Fuze Post Purchase Upsell app, save the changes, and close the tab.
Click the Check now/Verify Installation button.
The Fuze app is now activated and ready to help you maximize your revenue.

Important: If the app is not enabled in the Shopify Settings, its functionality will remain inactive.

Updated on: 05/12/2023

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