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Post-Purchase Funnels: Statistics

Stay ahead of your game with our detailed statistical breakdown of how your Post-Purchase steps are performing. Simply click on the Statistics button to visualize your Post-Purchase page flow.

Each product within your selected funnel showcases the number of impressions, total revenue, and conversion rate (demonstrated as a percentage of accepted product offers versus impressions). Use the date picker to swiftly browse through statistics for a specific period or a particular date. This feature provides you with precise data on product performance whenever your funnel is activated.

Save Time with the Duplicate Funnel Feature

If your funnel strategy involves multiple triggers, products, discounts, or timer settings, our Duplicate Funnel feature is your perfect time-saving solution.

On confirming the duplication, you'll be directed to the Edit page. Here, you can make any necessary modifications to your new funnel, which is activated and ready to boost your revenue as soon as it's saved.

Please note, if you don't rename your funnel on the Edit page, it will be labeled as a copy.

Keep in mind, only funnels with the triggers Always and Rules can be duplicated. Funnels with automatically selected products (Add an Upsell Step Modal > Automagically‚ú® Create My Upsell Funnel Section > On) cannot be duplicated.

Manage Your Funnel Activity

Each funnel can be enabled or disabled using the On and Off buttons in the Active section. Enabling a funnel makes it available on the Post-Purchase page, given the conditions are met. Conversely, disabling a funnel ensures it won't appear on the Post-Purchase page, even if the conditions align.

Additional funnel data including the number of impressions, acceptance rate, total revenue, and creation date are also provided for your perusal. In cases where two funnels have identical conditions, the one generating higher revenue will be displayed on the Post-Purchase page. An active 'Always' funnel will always appear on the Post-Purchase page, if no 'Rules' funnels are applicable to a user's order.

Control Post-Purchase Funnel Display Across Your Store

The Enable Post-Purchase Funnels on Your Store section provides the overarching control to enable or disable all funnels. Enabling this feature allows all active funnels to appear on the Post-Purchase page, given the conditions match. Disabling this feature, however, means no active funnels will appear on the Post-Purchase page, irrespective of matching conditions.

Harness the power of our statistical tools and intelligent features to effectively track, manage, and optimize your sales funnel for maximum revenue generation.

Updated on: 07/08/2023

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