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Post-Purchase Funnels: A/B Testing

Unveiling Fuze's A/B Testing Functionality - the feature empowering you to gauge product popularity and boost your revenue. The A/B testing functionality lets you select any two products to compare and track - be it for the first upsell, second upsell, or downsell products, or a combination of them. Add to this the ability to layer in discounts and regulate the minimum and maximum product quantities on the Post-purchase page, you're provided with a holistic solution for your eCommerce venture.

The crux of our A/B testing functionality lies in its ability to track the number of product displays on the Post-purchase page, analyse the conversion rate, and measure the revenue generated for each product involved in the A/B test. With these insights, you can pinpoint the product that resonates most with your customers and sells more.

Tailoring Your A/B Test

By clicking the Settings button alongside each section, you can customize your A/B test, deciding the winning product through two options:

Automatic Selection: With this, the product with a higher conversion rate is automatically crowned the winner once a set threshold is reached. The default threshold is 100, but you're free to adjust it to meet your specific needs. If you'd prefer to personally designate the winning product, you can select the winner manually by clicking the "Select Winner" button and confirming your choice. Following this, the A/B test functionality will be disabled, and only your selected winning product will be displayed on the Post-purchase page.
Manual Selection: This option displays the A/B test products sequentially on the Post-purchase page, subject to the funnel's conditions. Comprehensive data, including impressions, conversion rates, and revenue for each product, is made available to assist your decision-making. When you're ready to name your champion product, click the "Select Winner" button and confirm your selection. Your chosen product will consistently appear as the upsell product whenever the funnel appears on the Post-purchase page.

Product Description Visibility

Our Product Description section gives you control over whether the product description appears on the Post-purchase page. By default, the option is enabled, meaning the product description will be presented on the Post-purchase page. If you opt to disable the product description, a "Read More" button replaces the description, which can be viewed in the Preview section. Clicking this button will reveal the product description on the Post-purchase page.

Additional features such as the Offer Description (translated as per the fallback language and displayed on the Post-purchase page if Fuze doesn't support the checkout's language) and Timer Settings are also provided, with real-time changes shown in the Preview section.

The second option to choose upsell and downsell products involves selecting On instead of Manual in the Automagically‚ú® Creating My Upsell Funnel section. Products are automatically chosen based on store order statistics from the past 60 days. The top three best-selling products become your main upsell, second upsell, and downsell products, with the downsell product always priced lower than the main upsell product. A percentage discount can be set and applied to these upsell and downsell products in the Limit Discount section.

Remember, once you manually select products and save the funnel, you cannot switch back to the automatic selection method, and vice versa.

After setting the products in the Add an Upsell Step modal and saving the changes, the upsell step will appear in the Steps of the Funnel section. Click the Edit button to modify the step.

New Enhancements to A/B Testing:

We've fine-tuned our A/B testing approach to deliver better clarity to merchants, with updates to the Product Step in A/B Testing.

Now, the Product step incorporates the titles of both products, separated by a slash ("/"), indicating active A/B testing. The product originally selected as the main upsell product appears first, followed by the title of the second product involved in the A/B test. This update ensures that both product titles are clearly displayed, reinforcing the active A/B testing status.

Furthermore, merchants can now create A/B split tests on upsell steps, adding versatility and robustness to our testing tools. New features include:

A button for adding an A/B split test on each of the products, generating an empty product with the same layout.
A fair 50/50 split based on views.
The winning product can be selected manually or automatically based on views, with an adjustable threshold of 5000.
Comprehensive data, including conversion rate and views, is provided for each product.

Choose Fuze's sophisticated features to get the most out of your eCommerce efforts and maximise your sales.

Updated on: 05/12/2023

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