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Fuze | Thank you page funnels - Introduction

Thank you page funnels - Introduction

The Thank you page funnels tab, similar to Step 4 of the Thank you page setup, contains the products of the respective store where changes can be made to which products are displayed in the upsell and cross-sell sections. In addition, there are statistics for each product that gives information about impressions, clicks and click through rate. There is also an additional option by clicking the Edit button next to each product that allows the Title and Compare at price fields and the image of the product to be changed, but it is important to note that these changes will only be available in the app widget and not on the product page itself. Also, the corresponding product can be enabled and disabled directly from the modal, which will be reflected in the list itself.

The Enable thank you page cross-selling with your partners and Enable thank you page upsell sections contain info icons with additional information about the respective section. Also, the partners link in the Enable thank you page cross-selling with your partners section is a direct link to the Partners tab.

Updated on: 28/07/2022

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