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Fuze Post Purchase Upsell | Thank You Page Setup - Step 2

Thank You Page Setup - Step 2

Step 2 focuses on customizing the Thank you page widget to enhance user engagement and create a personalized experience. Let's explore the key elements of this step:

Widget Title:
The editable field allows you to modify the widget title, which is automatically generated with a default greeting. The {customer_name} term dynamically captures the user's name, making the text more personalized. You can add additional text to direct the user's attention to the upsell and cross-sell sections of the widget.

Preview and Real-Time Updates:
The Preview feature allows you to visualize how the modified widget title will appear on the Thank you page. Any changes made to the text can be reflected in real-time by clicking the Refresh button.

Shop Logo and Shop Banner:
To make the Thank you page more visually appealing, you can add a shop logo and/or shop banner. These images serve to enhance brand recognition and create a colorful and interesting experience for the user. You can view the added images in the Preview section by clicking the Refresh button.
If necessary, you also have the option to remove the shop logo and shop banner.

Supported Formats and File Size:
It's important to note that the Thank you page supports specific image formats for the shop logo and shop banner. The supported formats will be indicated in the app, ensuring that you upload images in the appropriate format.
Additionally, there may be a maximum file size limit for the uploaded images. The app provides information on the maximum file size allowed to ensure smooth processing and optimal performance.

By leveraging these customization options in Step 2, you can create a compelling Thank you page experience that captivates your users and strengthens your brand identity.

Updated on: 05/07/2023

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