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Fuze Post Purchase Upsell | Thank You Page Setup - Step 1

Step 1: Store Setup

In Step 1, you will configure the basic settings of your store. This includes customizing your store name, providing information about your target cost per acquisition and monthly order volume, and selecting partner stores from specific countries. Additionally, you will specify the category and subcategory that best represent your store.

1. Store Name:
You have the option to change your store name, which is automatically generated after installing the Fuze app. This allows you to personalize your brand and align it with your business identity.

2. Your Target Cost per Acquisition and Monthly Order Volume:
By entering your desired target cost per acquisition and monthly order volume, you provide the Fuze app with valuable information about your expectations and goals. This helps the app tailor its features and recommendations to align with your objectives.

3. Partnering with Stores in Specific Countries:
You can select the countries whose stores you wish to partner with. This enables cross-selling opportunities with other Fuze app users in those countries, expanding your reach and potential customer base.

4. Categories and Subcategories:
It is essential to specify the category and subcategory that accurately represent your store. This information helps Fuze categorize your store appropriately and recommend relevant products and partner stores.
The category and subcategory selection process is intuitive, and all available options are listed within the corresponding modals. You can easily edit these selections both inside and outside the modals to ensure accurate classification.

Remember to save each completed step as you progress through the setup process. If any required fields are left blank, warning messages will alert you to provide the necessary information to proceed.

Updated on: 05/07/2023

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