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Fuze Post Purchase Upsell | Settings - Contact Info

The Contact Info tab serves as a repository for your personal information as a merchant. It's designed to provide a seamless user experience by automatically populating certain data fields.

To be specific, the 'Email Address' field is prepopulated by default. This function is designed to save your time and effort, as it retrieves the email address associated with your account and fills in the relevant field automatically.

However, the rest of the tab is customizable, allowing you to add or update your contact details as required. This information is crucial as it forms the primary line of communication between you and your customers. Thus, it is recommended to ensure that all the details are current and accurate to facilitate smooth business operations.

Remember, while some fields are auto-filled for your convenience, the responsibility of keeping the other details up-to-date lies with you as the merchant.

Updated on: 05/07/2023

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