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Fuze Post Purchase Upsell | Partners - Introduction

The Partners tab has its own dedicated space in the navigation bar, making it easily accessible.

The Partners tab is designed to streamline your workflow by automatically populating with information from the 'Thank You' page setup if it has already been completed. This ensures that the vital information you've already input doesn't need to be re-entered. However, the tab also offers flexibility, allowing you to modify any prepopulated details if required.

Furthermore, to help keep track of your collaborations, any pending partner invitations are now prominently indicated with a numerical value displayed next to the Partners tab. This visual cue provides an at-a-glance update on your pending invitations.

If the number of pending invitations exceeds nine, for clarity and to avoid clutter, the display will show '9+', indicating that there are nine or more pending invitations. This way, you're always aware of your pending engagements without overwhelming your dashboard.

Updated on: 05/07/2023

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