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Fuze Post Purchase Upsell | Onboarding - Step 1 - Timer Settings Section

The Timer Settings section allows you to determine the duration during which the offer for a specific funnel (Always and/or Rules) will be available on the Post-purchase page. Any changes made in this section are immediately visible in the Preview.

If you set the timer to 0 minutes, no timer will be displayed in the Preview or on the Post-purchase page.

Once the specified time elapses, the Post-purchase page will automatically redirect to the Thank you page. This feature serves to create a sense of urgency, known as fear of missing out (FOMO), which encourages customers to make timely decisions to avoid missing out on the offer.

If you have chosen the automatic product selection option (Automagically‚ú® create my upsell funnel > On), the default timer is automatically set to 10 minutes.

Updated on: 05/07/2023

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