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Post-Purchase Funnels: Getting Started

The Post-purchase funnels tab displays the first funnel that was established during the onboarding process. If you missed activating the app during the first step of the Onboarding, you can update the app's status on the Post-purchase funnels tab by following these steps:

Click on the 'Instructions' button.
A modal will open, offering a quick overview of the necessary steps to enable the app. Click on 'Open Checkout settings'.
A separate browser tab will load the 'Checkout and accounts' page. Here, navigate to the 'Post-purchase page' section.
Select the Fuze Post Purchase Upsell app, save the changes and close the tab.
Click on the 'Check now/Verify Installation' button and voila! The Fuze app is activated and ready to boost your revenue.

Remember, if the app is not enabled from 'Settings', the app's functionality will remain inactive regardless of the funnel statuses.

To create a new funnel, click on the 'Add funnel' button. Note that the funnel's name is only visible to you, the merchant. The 'Create page' opens when you add a new funnel, offering an option to rename the funnel if necessary.

In the 'Global Language Selector' section, you can change the language of the Post-purchase page. Select the language for the Post-purchase page to be translated into when Fuze doesn't support the checkout's language. Note that this language change applies to all funnels. Once you choose a language supported by Fuze (including English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Bulgarian, Romanian, and more), the Preview displays how the Post-purchase page will appear.

The goal is to ensure that when the language on the Checkout page isn't supported by Fuze, the app will display the fallback language set by you. Otherwise, both the Checkout and Post-purchase pages will be automatically translated into the store's language.

Funnels come with conditions 'Always' and 'Rules', which you can customize to your preference along with corresponding first upsell, second upsell, and downsell products.

- Always: By default, the funnel is set to be displayed regardless of the user's order, which can be beneficial for both parties - increased consumption by the consumer and enhanced sales for the merchant.
- Rules: Selecting 'Rules' instead of 'Always' allows you to set specific conditions under which the funnel will appear on the Post-purchase page.

If the Enable product trigger option is activated, you can select specific product(s) which, if purchased by the user, will trigger the funnel, showcasing the upsell product set by you on the Post-purchase page.

If the Enable cart value trigger option is activated, you can decide at what value of the user's order the funnel will be triggered.

If the Enable quantity trigger option is activated, you have the option to select the quantity of products (more than, less than, equal to) purchased by the user which will trigger the funnel.

Keep in mind, all of these criteria must be met by the user for the corresponding funnel to be displayed.

You can also select the type of customers who will see the funnel: 'All', 'New customers', or 'Existing customers'.

There's another option related to funnels - 'Show this funnel to clients only once'. By default, this option is off, which means that the funnel will be displayed to clients every time the conditions are met. If you enable this option, the funnel will be displayed to the client only once when the conditions are met.

You can add an upsell step, where you can configure the upsell offers in the 'Automagically‚ú® create my upsell funnel' section, with options to manually select the first upsell, second upsell, and downsell products.

Remember, an effective Post-purchase funnel is integral to increase sales and drive customer satisfaction. Therefore, take the time to design and implement a strategy that works best for your business.

Managing Your Funnels

Within the main Post-purchase Funnels tab, edit or delete your existing funnels using the Edit and Delete buttons, respectively. The Edit Page enables modification of your current funnel, while the Delete button will remove the funnel entirely from the funnels list and the Post-purchase page.

Latest Feature Enhancements:

During the loading phase of the Post-purchase page, an activity indicator or spinner is now presented to make the user aware that a process is currently underway.
After the Post-purchase page has loaded and the user makes a decision (acceptance or decline) regarding the product(s) being presented (first upsell, second upsell, downsell), the Call To Action (CTA) buttons incorporate a spinner to signify the processing of the user's action.
When a survey appears on the Post-purchase page, the spinner becomes visible once the user either submits or bypasses the question. This indication serves to inform the user that the operation is still in progress.
To bolster customer confidence, social proof elements like star reviews are now displayed on the post-purchase page.
We have made discounted product prices more accessible. Now, they are presented on both the Post-purchase page and the Order Confirmation page.
For ease of identification, orders that generate post-purchase revenue via Fuze are now distinctly tagged.
The product description on the Post-purchase page can now be removed, minimizing potential distractions for customers. The option to toggle the product description is provided in the 'Add/Update upsell step' modal. More details include:
During funnel creation, the product description display is enabled by default. It is presented in the Preview sections and the Post-purchase page as the funnel loads.
With the product description disabled, it is concealed in the Preview sections and the Post-purchase page during the funnel loading phase. Yet, the description can be revealed by clicking the 'Read more' button and hidden again using the 'Hide' button.
If a product lacks a description, no description (or corresponding buttons) appear in the Preview sections or the Post-purchase page when the funnel loads.
Regardless of the product's presence, the product description status (enabled or disabled) properly reflects on the Post-purchase page.
When the product description is hidden, a 'Learn more/Read more' button is shown, which reveals the description upon click.
Once the product description is expanded, a 'Hide' button appears to allow the customer to collapse the description, reinstating the 'Learn more/Read more' button.
In the absence of a product description, neither the 'Learn more/Read more' nor 'Hide' buttons are displayed.
Merchants are now empowered to showcase the percentage discount for each product on the Post-purchase page, ensuring customers are well-informed about potential savings. The following conditions apply:
If a discount is applied to any upsell or downsell products, the original price is struck through on the Post-purchase page. Additionally, the discounted price and the percentage discount are also presented.
If no discount is applied, only the actual price of the products is displayed.
Merchants now have extensive control over the aesthetic aspects of the Post-purchase page. This includes the ability to edit the font, color, background, and buttons. These changes are saved by the back-end (BE) and sent to the front-end (FE) for display in the Preview section and on the Post-purchase page as per the funnel conditions.
In order to facilitate transparent and effective promotions, merchants can now display a product's specific percentage discount on the Post-purchase page. This discount is displayed in addition to the original and discounted prices for any discounted first upsell, second upsell, or downsell products. For non-discounted products, only the actual price is displayed.
Merchants now have the capability to design A/B split tests for their upsell steps. This feature, which is disabled by default, applies to the first upsell, second upsell, and downsell products. Only one product can be selected and displayed on the Post-purchase page based on the funnel conditions.
For improved tracking, merchants can now monitor the conversion rate directly from the Post-purchase funnels tab content/Funnels list, where the "Accepted" column has been renamed to "Conversion rate". The column will display the accurate conversion rate for each funnel, including those already created, based on the current data.
Enhanced Discount Calculation: We've expanded our discount calculation feature. Now, it calculates percentage discounts for all products, with the upsell product discount based on the product's "compare at price" set in the Shopify admin panel. As a merchant, you will be able to see:
The final price the customer will pay
The compare-at price value set in the Shopify admin panel
The catalog price of the product
Catalog price discount amount and percentage
The percentage discount of the product in relation to compare-at price, visible to users in the post-purchase offer
Customizable Funnel Titles and Descriptions: To ensure you have unique and appealing funnels, each funnel can now have its own title and description.
Language Localization: The "Pay Now" button can now be translated, enhancing localization and accessibility for non-English speaking customers.
Native Currency Display: The currency displayed in the upsell step will align with the store's native currency, providing a consistent shopping experience for your customers.
We've introduced statistics for custom date ranges, enabling you to gain insights over specific periods.
Top Performing Funnels: Merchants can now identify the top-performing funnels and make necessary adjustments based on those insights, optimizing your sales strategy.
Improved Funnel Visualization: Merchants now have the flexibility to switch between "Steps view" and "Graph view" on the 'Edit a funnel' page, allowing a more intuitive visualization of your sales funnels.
Product Reviews and Ratings: Customers now have an option to rate and add reviews to upsell products, enhancing your product's credibility and customer engagement.

These features are designed to elevate your selling experience. As always, we are committed to enhancing your business through continuous improvements and updates to our product. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements!

Updated on: 07/08/2023

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