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Fuze | Thank you page setup - Step 4

Thank you page setup - Step 4

Step 4 contains a list of all products in the merchant's store that will be displayed in the upsell section of the respective store and in the cross-sell sections of partner or matching by subcategories stores. In case the selected upsell products are more than the four displayed by default in the respective section, all selected products can be viewed via the arrow at the end of each section of the Thank you page. The preview is again available to show changes, but it should be kept in mind that it only shows four of all selected products. We know that every merchant has a large number of products in their store, so for convenience, we have added the bulk edit option, with which the statuses of selected products can be changed quickly. At least one upsell and four cross-sell products must be enabled to save the changes.

When the order of a product(s) purchased from the upsell section on the Thank you page is completed, the amount is added and displayed in the Thank you page revenue section.

And when the merchant’s store is displayed as a cross-sell section on the Thank you page of a partner store and the order is completed, the amount is displayed in the Cross-sell revenue section.

Updated on: 28/03/2023

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