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Fuze | Thank you page setup - Step 3

Thank you page setup - Step 3

The next Step 3 is the setup of the cross-sell sections shown in the Thank you page widget, in this case, the merchant can choose from the following two options:


The first option is Network. The categories and subcategories filled in on Step 1 have been prepopulated for convenience, and new ones can be adjusted or added to select stores that have selected the same subcategories. There is also an option to select all subcategories for the selected categories using the All button. The Thank you page widget supports the upsell section of the merchant and up to three cross-sell sections of partner stores, and if more than three stores are matching by subcategory, they will be displayed randomly as cross-sell sections whenever the Thank you page is reached. Also, shops can be excluded from the Shop exclusion modal, thus, only shops that are not excluded from the merchant are displayed on the Thank you page. This can always be edited if necessary. The modal also contains a Preview section that can be used to display information about the store, its products, and categories, as well as a functional View shop button that redirects to the corresponding store. Of course, the Preview is again available to show how the Thank you page will look after excluding or not stores as cross-sell sections.


The second option is Partners, which provides the ability to see all stores that have installed the Fuze app, and also, the merchant can install the app on his other stores to include in his partner network to be shown as cross-sell sections on the Thank you page.

- The All tab contains a list of all stores that have installed the app. When selecting a store Brand preview is available. It contains a general preview of the store (View shop function button, part of the store products, store categories (if added)). A partnership request can be sent and is highlighted in yellow while awaiting approval. If the request is approved by the store to which it is sent, it changes color to green to indicate that the partnership has been accepted. And also, the shop can be found in the Partners tab.
- The Partners tab contains a list of shops that have accepted the partnership invitation. This means that these stores will be shown as cross-sell sections on the Thank you page. Similar to the Network tab, the limit of stores displayed as cross-sell sections is up to three in number, again displayed randomly whenever a Thank You page is reached.
- The Pending invitations tab contains the invitations sent by other stores waiting for the merchant to confirm their request. These invitations may be accepted or rejected.

If the (main) Partners tab is the selected and saved tab, and there is no store as a partner, only the upsell section will be available on the Thank you page.

Updated on: 28/07/2022

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