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Fuze | Thank you page setup - Step 2

Thank you page setup - Step 2

Step 2 contains a widget title editable field with automatically generated text that will be displayed as a greeting in the Thank you page widget. For convenience, the {customer_name} term automatically intercepts the user's name to make the text personalized, followed by additional text directing the user's attention to the upsell and cross-sell sections of the widget. The text can be edited at the merchant's request as the information can be viewed in the Preview. When a change is made, the Refresh button can be clicked to reflect the change in real-time. The merchant can also add a shop logo and/or shop banner to his shop to make the Thank you page more colorful and interesting for the user. The images can again be seen in the Preview after clicking the Refresh button and can also be removed if needed. Additional information about supported formats and max file size is also available.

Updated on: 28/07/2022

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