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Fuze | Settings - Payment and charges

Settings - Payment and charges

The Payment and charges tab contains information about the current plan.

In the Your current plan section, you can see your current plan and features.

Below is the Charges section, where you can see all charges related to the plans' automatic upgrades.

If you are a merchant who has already used the app and experienced its benefits, you can expect the following behavior according to the current plan:

When the current plan is the Free plan, the Charges section will not display information because there will be no charges.

Free plan - charges

When the current plan is the Growth plan, information about each order completed thanks to the Fuze app will be displayed in the Charges section.

Growth/No retainer plan - charges

When the current plan is the No retainer plan, the changes will be displayed for each order completed, thanks to the Fuze app. The information on the charges includes only the product(s) purchased using the app’s functionality. This does not include the monthly and/or one-time payment changes.

The Order column contains the order ID and, according to it, the information about the products purchased from the store, plus the product(s) purchased according to the app’s functionalities, can easily be found on the Orders page.
The total amount of each order in the Order value column calculates only the amount gathered from the product(s) purchased, thanks to the app functionality.
The Charge value column contains the Fuze chargе. Based on each order completed, thanks to the Fuze app, the app takes 2.5% of the value of each order.
The Referral store column contains a link to the store from which the order was completed.

When you accept the Moon plan, the information about order value and charge value will still be accessible. Then, the new charges will be displayed every time the automatic upgrade happens.

Updated on: 08/03/2023

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