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Fuze | Onboarding - Step 1 - Timer settings section

Onboarding - Step 1 - Timer settings section

The Timer settings section gives the possibility to set the time at which the offer for the specific (Always and/or Rules) funnel will be available on the Post-purchase page. The settings are visible in the Preview after each change.

If the minutes set in the Timer Settings section are 0, no timer will be displayed in the Preview and on the Post-purchase page.

After the set time has expired, the Post-purchase page redirects to the Thank you page. The idea of this option and, at the same time, the value for the merchant is that setting a specific time interval in which the product can be purchased leads the user to the so-called fear of missing out (FOMO) effect and challenges him to make his decision in a timely manner in order not to miss the offer.

If the products are automatically selected (Automagically‚ú® create my upsell funnel --> On), the default timer is automatically set to 10 minutes.

Updated on: 28/03/2023

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