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Fuze | Introduction


Fuze Post Purchase Upsell Shopify app can only be a plus to any merchant's store, with the main goal being to increase orders and traffic between stores, which in turn will help the economy. Advanced algorithms are used to suggest products, helping to create a better shopping experience for customers once they have completed their order. In addition, you can run surveys & gather insights.

It can be found in Shopify's Apps store, as well as on Fuze's official site, where there is a quick link to the app itself.

When installing the app, the permissions required by the merchant are (1) access to the customer and store information and (2) view customer information and edit store information. This includes (1) all orders details for the last 60 days, (2) editing products and collections, and (3) editing the store in terms of script tags and theme.

Once the app is installed, there is an onboarding that must be passed in order to use the app. An important clarification here is that if the language of the store is French, the language of the app will automatically be set to French.

The onboarding consists of two steps.

Updated on: 28/03/2023

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